November 8, 2019

Penn President Amy Gutmann honored distinguished alumni at the 85th Annual Alumni Award of Merit Gala.  Receiving the Alumni Award of Merit, the highest award presented by Penn Alumni and given in recognition of outstanding service to the University, were William W. M. Cheung, Dean A. Henry, Andrea Berry Laporte, Jeffrey L. Seltzer, and Stacey Deutsch Shoer.  Shannon Hedvat accepted the Young Alumni Award and Gwendolyn DuBois Shaw accepted the Faculty Award of Merit.  Award-winning composer Jennifer Higdon received the 2019 Creative Spirit Award for life-long commitment to and excellence in the arts.  Also honored were the Class of 1994 with the Class Award of Merit, the Class of 1989 with the David N. Tyre Award for Excellence in Class Communications, and the Penn Club of Southwest Florida with the Alumni Club Award of Merit.  Congratulations all!

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Photographs by Eddy Marenco