September 16, 2019

Penn President Amy Gutmann, and her husband, Dr. Michael Doyle, visited and toured the newly reopened Penn Squash Center with the Women’s and Men’s Varsity Squash Teams.  Among the renovation highlights completed by EwingCole include increasing the number of international courts from 10 to 12, including a pair of four-glass-wall courts, improved spectator seating, upgraded technology, lighting, heating and air conditioning systems, and brand new spaces for team rooms and coaches’ offices.

In the brand new space, Penn will host the Ivy Scrimmages the weekend of November 9-10, which precedes the first weekend of the regular season. Penn will also host the College Squash Association (CSA) Individual Championships from March 6-8, 2020, the last intercollegiate event on the college squash calendar for this academic year.

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Photos by Eric Sucar.